As soon as the horde has realised this is one fight they can't win, V2 turns to you.

"APOLOGY: I am sorry you had to see me operate at suboptimal levels.
FOLLOWUP ASSURANCE: Nonetheless, combat performance remains within acceptable range."

He never realises how inappropriate it is for him to talk to you while he's still covered in blood, and you don't have the heart to tell him.

"OBSERVATION: You are staring.
CONCLUSION: The damage to my left arm is offputting.
APOLOGY: I am sorry.
ASSURANCE: I will make every effort to repair my arm at the earliest opportunity.
UNFORTUNATE INTERJECTION: Conventional replacement parts for V-series units ceased to exist a decade ago."

You get the feeling he'll find a way. After all, it's not like he's a conventional guy.

You ask him what the plan is now. Are you going to hide from whatever ripped his arm off?

"RESPONSE: No. I will become stronger. I will become better. I will end the prototype, and become the final V-series unit. You will remain safe, as always."

It's hard to argue, especially considering he's still covered in blood.

when the cliffhanger is forever unresolved :flushed: