Furi is one of my favourite games, and I hope my passion has bled through into my writing.

"Perfection isn't an art, it's pure habit. We are what we repeatedly do." has been my mantra ever since I heard it for the first time, and unironically it's been the only thing keeping me writing at several points.

Anyway, I'm bad at forewords, so I'll stop now. See below for the author's notes on each chapter:

01: The Chain
This is the only one where the Rider and the jailer don't become friends, and also the first one I wrote. I just can't see any reality where these two get along better than "I won't kill you."

02: The Strap
I actually had a whole thing written, but it Wasn't Good, so I just put her with the Beat.

03: The Line
The Line has always felt like one of the less fleshed out jailers, and that translated to a less fleshed out chapter. Sorry :(

04: The Scale
There's no way those two are ever making up in canon, so I had to go a bit silly, and I think it worked out pretty well.

05: The Hand
I had NO idea how to approach this for the longest time, until on the 18th (days after I wrote the others!) a flash of inspiration struck my mind. I think this is the funniest one here. Sorry for being a homestuck.

06: The Song
This one is so short, but anything more would feel like padding. It's just a little sweet vignette.

07: The Architect
The Voice my beloved. Thank you furicord for bringing his jazz history to my attention.

08: The Burst
The Burst is another of the kind of wet towel guardians in terms of personality, and in turn this is another of the weaker ones. I still think it's alright though.

09: The Edge
Sorry for this one being so short, but I can't top the perfect couple of lines that're in there. I've tried continuing, and nothing comes close.

10: The Beat

??: Bernard
bernard my beloved

B1: The Hand
This was the original Hand chapter until I realised it wasn't peace at all.

B2: The Song
I couldn't resist writing this. I'm sorry, but riderxsong could never last.