?? - Bernard

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"This game sucks!"

The Rider was many things. A master swordsman, a crack shot, and a calm warrior. What he wasn't was a patient gamer, and Furi was testing his limits.

The Onnamusha, ever ready to take a snipe, moved in for the easy jab.

"Pfff, you're just bad. Right, Bernard?"

Bernard nodded.

"Shut up, O! It's not like you've got any further!"

"Yeah, but at least I'm not throwing a tantrum about it."

"If you're so smart, why don't you have a go?!"

"I will!"


The Rider shoved the controller into the Onnamusha's hands. She promptly shoved him off the sofa, and took her place sitting at the TV.

She hated to admit it, but he was right. Bernard was crushingly hard. Neither of them had even managed to make it to his second phase.

She respawned.

The Rider, gleefully ready to take revenge, turned to Bernard.

"Hey Bern, do you think she's gonna beat you this time?"

She didn't even need to look back to know Bernard was miming laughter.

This time for sure. She was gonna show them all, and prove herself Gamer Queen For Eternity.

Predictably, she didn't even get a hit in before dying. Maybe this game did suck.

"UGH! This game SUCKS!"

"That's what I'm saying!"

"Hey, how come Bernard hasn't had a go?"

"You- Actually, you're right. How about it, Bern? Wanna give it a try?"

Bernard feigned blushing, but reached for the controller, which the Onnamusha gratefully relinquished.

He didn't even bother sitting down. He was gonna play where he was, with the tv at a right angle to him.

He respawned.

The next ten minutes were a blur of clacking buttons, tv sounds, and hollering from the two Riders. Bernard was wiping the floor with the two of them!!!

And then, it was over. In-game Bernard had been beaten, and Real-life Bernard hadn't even taken a hit.

He fell onto the sofa, exhausted.

"Jeez, Bern. I knew you were good, but..."

"That was awesome!!! Can you do it again?"

If Bernard had a face, he'd be smirking.