10 - The Beat: Girl's Night.

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This was gonna be awesome. It'd taken a *lot* of persuading for the Architect to let multiple prisoners be in the same room, but in the end he'd folded to the Beat's natural charisma. And her large hockey stick being flailed worryingly close to his head.

The Song had been a massive party-pooper and said she was too busy with "work", and the Burst hadn't even RSVPed, but it was okay. The party didn't need those losers! The three of them were gonna rock all night! This would be the best girl's night ever!!!


The three of them sat around the table, bored out of their minds. They'd been playing UNO for four hours straight, and everyone who still had some sanity about them when this started had long since lost it.

"Uno, I gues..." The Beat sighed.

The Strap didn't have it in her to stab the table any more, and even her scream of defeat rang with an undertone of fatigue.

"Stranger, I know I've asked a million times already, but are you *sure* you don't have any crazy alien card games in that cloak?"

The Onnamusha shrugged.

"Great. Strap, do you have any ideas?"

The Strap wildly gesticulated, totally incomprehensible to all but her closest friends.

"*Okay*, do you have have any ideas other than *stabbing between our fingers*?"

The Strap screamed, in a manner that suggested shrugging.

The Beat really wished the others were capable of sighing, because she was having to sigh enough for the three of them.

"So, another game of uno?"