05 - The Hand

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For the first time in his life, the Hand was faced with a problem he couldn't solve. He'd been trying for weeks, but the more he tried to find the answers the faster they ran from him.

He couldn't let this stand. If he couldn't wrap his head around it, it'd tear his son from him!

He'd have to do something desparate. He'd have to seek the help of... It.

-- lordofBlades [LOB] began guarding Rider [R] at 08:03 --
R: what
LOB: Stranger, I come to you in my time of need.
LOB: I am fighting my most dangerous adversary yet, and I need expertise only you hold.
R: ok what are you fighting
LOB: If there was any other way, I would have taken it.
LOB: I assure you, I despise this dark partnership as much as you.
R: what do you need help with
LOB: But unfortunately, this is the only way.
LOB: May the fallen forgive me for my sacrilege against mankind.
R: what are you fighting man
LOB: Stranger, I come to you with a request.
LOB: Not for fighting expertise, but knowledge.
R: tell me what you need to know already
LOB: This arcane puzzle has vexed me, and yet it draws my son in ever deeper.
LOB: If I cannot understand it, it may tear us irreversably apart.
LOB: Please, Stranger, do not turn me down in my hour of need.
R: come on man
LOB: I know we've had our problems, and I know we cannot gloss over them.
LOB: But I'll do anything for your help.
R: what do you need
LOB: Stranger.
LOB: Please, tell me.
LOB: Do you know of "Fort Night"?