01 - The Chain

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We all know about unstoppable forces and immovable objects, but what about when two immovable objects clash?

Such was the case of the Rider and the Chain. The Chain couldn't hope to defeat the Rider, and the Rider had no desire to kill the Chain. Every time the Chain fell, the Rider sat back and let him get back up.

At first, the Chain thought it a sign of his superiority. Surely, the Prisoner knew his place, and would not dare kill someone so far above him.

Eventually though, he realised the obvious. The Prisoner didn't want to kill him, because The Prisoner didn't want to kill.

His orders hadn't accounted for this. The Prisoner was a machine of war, an instrument of death, a world-corrupting force. Nobody had expected anything but a fight for their lives.

Nobody, except...


It had to have been him. Nobody but Him and the Chain could control the locks. Nobody but Him and the Chain could unbind the Prisoner's sword.

Nobody but Him thought the Prisoner could change.

And if this was His plan, the Chain had to abide. No matter how much it hurt.

"This charade has gone on long enough. The door is open. Leave."

As the Prisoner walked through the gate, the Chain felt something he hadn't felt in a long time.

Respect. Begrudging respect, but respect nonetheless. Maybe He was right about the Stranger.