As I type this, it's about 1:30 PM on January the 24th, 2023. It's just under a month since I wrote the impromptu finale, and uh... yeah. Sorry for canning this all and leaving it unfinished, but I just wasn't happy with it.


CHAPTER 1: "this started out as ironic but im not sure if it is anymore."



CHAPTER 4: "i just beat 4-4 so writing this was kind of awkward. sorry for short chapter. [line break] [line break] OOPS i posted an early draft of this and didnt notice for a couple hours SORRY"

CHAPTER 5: "just a little tease for part 1 proper, actual long chapter soon"

CHAPTER 6: "im not good at action scenes. im not good at writing but im especially not good at action scenes."

CHAPTER 7: "we're going on hiatus until like the 15th at earliest. not like there was ever really a schedule but now you know there wont be anything"

CHAPTER 8: "guess who's back, back again. [line break] [line break] this is pretty sloppy and short but im bad at writing sorry :("

CHAPTER 9: "still alive bitches [line break] [line break] if anyone reads these notes, go listen to antonymph by vylet pony. you're out here reading x reader fic of a gay murder robot, no way that song doesn't apply to you (and me too :P)"

FINAL: "I couldn't just leave you all on an unresolved cliffhanger. Merry christmas to all who celebrate, and happy holidays to the rest of you."