You're woken by the sound of pounding on the door. You can't remember dozing off, but you must've at some point, because you couldn't have been woken up otherwise.

The pounding is too rhythmic to be a husk, so you move to check it out. V2 put in a peephole, just for times like this.

Before you can put your eye to it, you're interrupted.

"PLEA: (Y/N), I can see your heat signature on the other side of the door. Please, let me in.
INFORMATION: I will die if you don't."

Ah. That sounds bad.

You open the door, and V2 collapses onto the floor inside.

His armour is shredded, he's covered in blood, and most importantly: he's missing one of his arms.

You start to barrage him with questions. How did it happen? Is he okay? Can he still fight? Can he fix it?

He ignores you, drags himself off the ground and into the main room, before collapsing against the wall.

"ASSURANCE: Damage is not fatal.
UNFORTUNATE FOLLOWUP: Damage is near fatal.
CONCLUDING REQUEST: Please, allow me peace."

He begins to tinker with the cavity that once was his left arm, fully absorbed in self-repair.

Your mind is firing on all cylinders, full of worry and fear.

You pull yourself up to your bed, and sit on the edge, watching V2 work.

Things stay in this uneasy silence for about half an hour, before V2's voice starts rattling out of his chest.

"OBSERVATION: You are incredibly tired.
ADDITIONAL OBSERVATION: You are not as subtle as you think you are.
REQUEST: Do not overwork yourself for me.
STATUS CHECK: Despite impairment, I am still fully capable of defending against husks.

Maybe machines like him can just turn themselves off, but you definitely can't sleep while your boyfriend sits in the corner armless.

"OBSERVATION: You will not rest.
SPECULATED CAUSE: You continue to worry, despite my requests.
SOLUTION: You will help me repair.
REQUEST: Hold this wire in place."