Another pistol shot cracks by V2.


A shotgun volley, as clumsily aimed as it is deadly.

How had it come to this?


V2 returns fire, with his own revolver.

It was supposed to be a normal hunt in Limbo.


A cloud of nails flies towards V2. He barely has time to dodge.

But now, this half-finished prototype is here.


V2 charges a core eject.

How was he losing?

The sound of metal on flagstones. The prototype is closing in.


And it's pumping it's shotgun.


V2 dives out of the way, narrowly avoiding the whirlwind of bullets.

He needs to leave. He can't win this fight.


He blindfires at where he thinks the prototype is, and braces to jump.

The prototype throws a coin in in the air.

It gleams.

V2 leaps.


The prototype bounces a pistol shot off the coin, and right into V2's left shoulder reinforcement.

The force of V2's ascent wrenches the damaged arm off.