Some time has passed since that first date. You're not sure how much, given the way you haven't seen the sun in months, but it feels like it's been a couple of weeks.

You and V2 have been on the move pretty much constantly since then. Most of your time has been spent in the streets of Lust City, with you sleeping in abandoned buildings while V2 watches over you.

Sometimes, though, V2 leaves you alone. It's only for a few hours, but you still worry.

You're barricaded in the strongest building he can find, of course, but it isn't your health you're worried about.

Every time he comes back home he's coated in blood, his casing is covered in scratches, and some of his systems are broken. He assures you it's nothing, but it very clearly isn't.

He's been gone for a day.

Your mind races with thoughts, all of them of his safety.

He's a strong machine, a VERY strong machine, but even he's not invincible.

Did the husks get him?

Is he trapped?

Was it another machine?

...has he abandoned you?