"(Y... (Y/N)" You manage to sputter out.

None of this feels real. V2 is ATTRACTED to you? You'd always hoped, but you never thought he was even capable of something like that.

He begins to speak again.

RESPONSE: It is nice to meet you, (Y/N).
REQUEST: How are you alive?
FOLLOWUP REQUEST: How did you get down here?
ADDITIONAL REQUEST: Are there others?"

You explain everything, starting from the Mirage bodypillow up to now.

"ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: Story is strange, but believable.
REQUEST: Who is Mirage?
FOLLOWUP REQUEST: Is she similarly armed to me?
FOLLOWUP REQUEST: Is she hostile?"

You can't believe you're going to have to explain the Mirage section to V2, but with a blush on your face you do.

By the end, you're sure if V2 could he'd be blushing too.



The higher pitched voice begins to speak.

"AKWARDNESS LEVELS CRITICAL. PROPOSED RESPONSE: Emergency pivot of conversation topic.
PROPOSAL FOR NEW TOPIC: Suggest unit and (Y/N) obtain fuel."

And as quickly as it began, it's gone, replaced once more by V2's deeper voice.

"SUGGESTION: V2 and (Y/N) will obtain fuel.
FAULT IN SUGGESTION: (Y/N) is not fueled by blood.
REQUEST: What powers (Y/N)?"

You explain that you need to eat food to live, and you've been scavenging fruit from the gardens of limbo. Given the state V2's left limbo in, you doubt you'll be able to scavenge any more.

"APOLOGY: V2 was unaware gardens were vital to (Y/N)'s operation.
FOLLOWUP SUGGESTION: (Y/N) will proceed to GLUTTONY layer, and acquire "food". V2 will accompany (Y/N), to ensure (Y/N)'s safety."