It's an awful day in Hell, just like all the others before it. You still aren't sure how you got here, to be honest. One day you were sitting at home, cuddling with your Mirage bodypillow, and next thing you know you've been teleported directly into Limbo!

Well, it's not all bad. While the pained moans of the husks can get annoying, they don't seem to mind you being here.

They're even cute, sometimes.

But that's not the best part. No, the thing that keeps you going every day is the hope that one day you'll meet V2. The husks that still have their vocal cords talk about a crimson-cased slayer of demons, harvester of blood, and total hottie!

I mean, seriously. Look at him! His chiseled abdominal casing, his big strong reinforced arms, his beautiful eye...

You're snapped out of your daydreaming by the distant echoes of gunfire. Short clips of pistolfire, thundery reverbs of shotgun kickback, explosions of reflected fireballs. Could it be? Could today be the day?

You can't handle the excitement, and pass out into a nearby bed of flowers.


When you wake up, things are very different. The walls are splattered with blood, some of the plant life is on fire, and most importantly: V2 is standing above you!

You move to get up, but he turns. He levels his shotgun at your face, but then hesitates.

A robotic voice, harsh and shrill, starts to resonate from his chest.

"ERROR: Cannot execute combatant.
REASON: Unknown.
POSSIBLE CAUSE: Target's attractiveness has overloaded empathy suppression system.
SOLUTION: Spare combatant."

You're still reeling from the shock when another voice begins to speak. While still artificial, it carries a deeper mechanical timbre.

"GREETING: I am Experimental Prototype Combat Robot Version 2, though you may call me 'V2'.
REQUEST: What is your name?"