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The Trip There

The original post for day one was going to be an introductory post to the format, explaining how me being ill has hindered me from making any before now, and a brief walk to the corner shop three streets from me. However, after I set off I noticed how many more flowers had been planted since I last played a week ago.

When I left, there was only three planters in my area:

-The Mystery Planter (more on them in Day 0 when I write it) to my north
-Someone to my east, who started planting the same day I fell ill

But now, the whole place is absolutely covered! I could see the epicenter of the planting, an INCREDIBLY densely covered area with 3 flowers, and I knew I had to see it myself.

I hadn't taken this particular route before, and WOW it was beautiful. The city I live is one of The Big Old Cities in England, and this part had some beautiful architecture, along with a great view over my area.

Anyways, I got to the area and found out it was the local park! As mentioned before, I'd never taken this path before so I didn't even realise until I saw the place. Most of the large flowers were in bloom, but there was one with only 10 flowers left until it was fully grown. It was a plaque about how the real measuring stick of a great city is it's public spaces. Honestly, the self-important poetic waxing writes itself.

The Trip Back

On my way back, I went through a lesser-used side path, and came across another epicenter of flowers. This one was in a far less obvious spot, just right outside a half-abandoned train station that sees like 20 passengers a day. I think it's really cool that Bloom highlights both the obvious congregation points, and the not so obvious.

I also found a Purple Pikmin and I named him Reggie