After yesterday's disaster, I touch down today far more cautious than before.

Yeah, I really missed that we could just do that.

After multiple days of effort, we can finally recover the Gravity Jumper...

Finish what we started...

And recover some Bomb Rocks!

Just in time to use them all.

With the Gravity Jumper installed, our ship is repaired yet further and gains even more flight capabilities.

As usual, the rest of the day was just growing more Blues. Until the very end, that is...

After growing 40 Blue Pikmin, we're able to recover the Anti-Dioxin Filter. But will there be enough time to get it back to the ship?

Come on Pikmin, you've got this!

Just a little further!

Will the Pikmin make it in time? Or will they have to be left behind? Losing 60 of our Pikmin, including all of our Blues, would be disastrous at this point! Find out what happens next time on... The Impact Site!

I'm sorry that this one took so long, real life hasn't been treating me so hot lately. Thank you all for your continued support, and I'll see you tomorrow.