Another day in the Forest Navel. We're gonna need to work overtime today if we're gonna get back on schedule.

Which, of course, is why we only bring half of our Pikmin. I promise, this will make sense later.

After getting our Reds back to work on the bridge...

It's time for a little scouting.

There's a part!

But we can get it later. For now it's time to go unroll that ramp.

Just as the Blues start working on the ramp, we hear the sound of the bridge unrolling.

We just have to throw them up there, and then-

Oh. The Geyser is broken.

Well, at least it'll be easy to get the Blues ov-

Of course, we're being attacked by a Wollywog.

Only cost us a quarter of our Pikmin.

But now we can finally get the part, right?

NOPE! We need YELLOW PIKMIN! But at least we can get that other part with our Blues, right???

Of course not.

After growing some more Blues as fast as I can, I tried to reinforce the ones down there.

We finally get the Analog Computer out of the water, but the day's about to end.

This is a Candypop Bud. It turns any Pikmin you throw into it into the colour Pikmin on it's petals. I have no idea why I threw half of the Blues in there, I was really panicking.

We're really gonna need to work HARD to turn things around from here. We're getting real close to running behind schedule, half of our Blues are gone, and we achieved basically nothing today. Will we manage to turn this around? Will it just get even worse? Find out next time on The Impact Site...