At long last, we have all three Onions landing with us.

And we're immediately off to work! Time to lower this ramp and get access to the lower level of the Navel.

While checking my Radar to make sure we haven't lost any Pikmin, I noticed something. How can there be a part here, I didn't see one on my way down?

Oh. The Breadbug ate it. Their tough outer layer of blubber makes them immune to swarming, but if I can hit them over the head with a Pikmin it'll still hurt.

After a long chase, we defeat the Breadbug and retrieve our Space Float!

I have no idea why we need this for our ship, but apparently we do.

Ah well, no rest for the wicked and all that.

After lowering the ramp, we're able to start attacking the Fiery Blowhogs. These nasty dudes spit fire, but Red Pikmin are fireproof!

Quite a lot of the rest of today is spent attacking more Blowhogs, so I'll just skip over those.

There's the creature that tried to attack us yesterday! It's a Wollywog, and it's quite dangerous. It can stomp on our Pikmin to crush them, and throw any Pikmin clinging to it under itself.

Still, it's no match for us!

While the Pikmin are breaking down this wall, I decided to take a scouting mission around the Navel.

There's a part.

And there's another!

We return to the wall just in time for it to fall, and noon to fall.

Good thing Reds are fireproof!

I guess I know what we're doing tomorrow. But for now, we just have to sit around with the Pikmin and wait for the day to end.

This is the first day we've only recovered one part. If we continue to lose our touch, we could be trapped here forever! Will things continue to slip tomorrow, or was today just unlucky? Find out next time on The Impact Site!