Welcome to The Forest Navel. This dark and slimy cave system is a far cry from the bright vistas of the Forest of Hope, but we need to venture deep to recover more ship parts.

And instantly we need to destroy a wall.

After deciding that the wall destroyers won't miss a few Pikmin, we split off about half to lower this ramp.

Once the ramp is lowered, we return just in time to see the wall being destroyed.

The Automatic Gear! But how will we get to it?

The Pikmin actually started doing this one themselves, which is nice.

On the way back, we spot a distinctly Onion-shaped object. After dismissing our Pikmin (so they don't drown), we can go inspect it and find...

Blue Pikmin! These little fellas can breathe underwater using their mouth-like gill, and are just generally very cute.

I spent most of the day just collecting pellets, which you don't want to see, so i'll just skip to the next interesting part

Our #1 Ionium Jet!

After recovering the Ionium Jet, it's almost time for the day to end, so I'll just go ahead to the en-

What the heck is that???

Will the Blue Pikmin prove to be useful? Will the Forest Navel be too much for our heroic Captain? What was that creature that tried to attack us at liftoff? Find out next time on The Impact Site!