It's another beautiful morning in The Forest of Hope, and another salvage operation for our intrepid Captain.

The day hasn't reallybegun until you've got your Pikmin all souped up on Nectar. (Nectar is a mysterious yellow substance that causes pikmin to instantly flower, increasing their walking speed.)

After a brief stop to grab a 5 pellet...

We can grab some Bomb Rocks...

Plant the bombs...

And blow up the Bombable Wall at our landing site!

...then proceed to totally ignore it, and grab some more Bomb Rocks.


I came into this game thinking Yellows were pretty useless, but the results don't lie. Bomb Rocks, and therefore the Yellows that carry them, are very powerful.


Of course, we need some backup to help carry our spoils of war.

While the Reds are busy hauling the bulborb, the Yellows are busy recovering the massive TWENTY PELLET!

Good to know.

Of course, we can't stop there. We still need to repair our ship! After taking down this wall,

And defeating these poor Bulborbs...

We're able to recover the Nova Blaster!

Remember this part, we'll be back for it.

With 5 parts, the S.S. Dolphin becomes less trashed. It also unlocks further flight capabilities (more on that later!)

Now, back to recovering that part! After throwing our Pikmin onto this high ledge,

We're able to climb up this root and regroup with them.

And now we can recover the Shock Absorber!

Wait, Pikmin, where are you going? You're gonna wake the Bulborb up!


Luckily, we're able to distract the Bulborb with a small squad of stragglers and give the carriers time to escape.

And then make a hasty getaway ourselves!

After recovering this part, nothing really happened for the last couple minutes so I'll skip us to the end of the day

Now that the S.S. Dolphin has more substantial repairs, we're able to visit a new area!

What will this mysterious Forest Navel bring? Good fortune? Insurmountable foes? Only time will tell. Find out next time on The Impact Site!