We begin by returning to the Forest of Hope, up an Onion and down 20 Pikmin.

After sending our last two Yellows to try and recoup some of our losses,

We go back to pick up the Radar, and wipe out all the enemies who dared spite us yesterday (to regrow more pikmin).

Once the Yellow and Red Pikmin are done growing, we re-assemble our forces and go to pick up the Eternal Fuel Dynamo.

"Olly, why didn't you bring up the part ripe for the taking in the middle of the Forest yesterday? You were clearly trying to create dramatic tension!"

Moving swiftly on, I decided to give our new radar a whirl. It works fine, but due to me bungling the totallynotanemulator controls while trying to exit...

I hope you guys like 1600x900.

After realising the futility of my situation, and realising I was just gonna have to fix it in post, I gathered some bomb rocks to try and recover the part further along the same path as the Radar was.

Will I ever learn my lesson with bomb rocks? Probably not.

This was really the best image I could get, it's another of my own pikmin being blown up by their own bomb rocks again.

After getting some more Yellow Pikmin for reinforcements, We manage to destroy the Reinforced Bombable Wall...

and recover the Extraordinary Bolt!

Nothing much really happened for the rest of the day, so I'm going to skip to the end of the day now.

With his ship only needing one more part to unlock further flight capabilities, things are looking good for Captain Olimar. Will he continue his forward momentum, or will he suffer another massive loss of forces? Find out next time on The Impact Site!

As mentioned in day 2, I will 100% have better screencaps tomorrow or so help me. Thanks for bearing with these miserable ones for now.