If the screenshots seem even worse in this one, it's because they are. OBS was taking it's dying breaths while I was recording days 2 and 3. This is literally the best I was able to salvage. I'm sorry, I promise it will be fixed for day 4. I'll also try to retake better pictures at some point, but no promises.



We begin day two by touching down in The Forest of Hope. True to it's name, it's a forested area and Olimar's first sign of hope that he can escape alive. Shortly after getting out of the Dolphin and retrieving some Pikmin from their Onion, we find there's a Wall blocking our path.

Of course, the Pikmin happily tear it down.

After that, we meet the first enemy in the entire Pikmin series: the Dwarf Bulborb. It can be easily dispatched simply by hitting it on the back with a Pikmin, but in groups they can be a serious threat to unprepared explorers.

And now we meet it's larger cousin, the Spotted Bulborb. We don't have enough pikmin to take it on right now, so we just take the 10 pellet from under it's nose and get outta there before it wakes up.

I decided to unroll this bridge really quick while collecting all the smaller pellets and waiting for the Pikmin seeds to grow

And there they are.

With the bridge unrolled, we can muster our forces and attack the Bulborb.

Now that the beast is slain, we can go forward to find...

another wall.......

No matter! We can just use our Pikmin!

I wonder what these Bulborbs are guarding?

The Yellow Onion! We can use this to grow...

Yellow Pikmin!

After using the Yellow Pikmins' ability to carry Bomb Rocks, we can destroy this Bombable Wall and find...

The Whimsical Radar, our first Ship Part

"Now, we are all sons of bitches". This is why you don't get cocky with Bomb Rocks.

With our Yellow Pikmin forces almost totally destroyed, and sunset fast approaching, we are forced to end Day Two with:
-No new parts.
-A decimated Pikmin swarm.
-24 hours of Life Support wasted.
Will we recover from this? Will Captain Olimar be stranded on the Mysterious Planet after all? Find out tomorrow on The Impact Site!