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Captain Olimar took a deep breath. At long last, he had returned to the Forest of Hope. He hoped to never have to return to the Forest Navel as long as he lived.

Though, with the way things were going, it was possible that wouldn't be very long at all.

He dismounted from his ship, and called out half of his Red Pikmin. Today, at least, he had a plan.

He led the Pikmin through the central clearing, dispatching their foes with brutal efficiency.

As expected, they were met by an insurmountable wall. Olimar dismissed his Pikmin, and returned to the onion. For now, the wall would have to wait. He could spy his Sagittarius across the pond, and he couldn't keep it waiting any longer.

Reds, for all their fighting prowess, were awful swimmers. For something like this, he'd need the Blues.
...and, he'd need to unroll the bridge. Gems aren't particularly bouyant.

While the Blues were working on that, he returned to the onion once more - and embarked a group of 10 Yellow pikmin.

It was time to deal with the wall.

Yellow pikmin, while mostly known for their exceptional conductiveness, are also the only pikmin capable of handling Bomb Rocks.

And Bomb Rocks are the only things capable of destroying bombable walls.

They also work remarkably well on Bulborbs.

With the Yellows' work done, it was time to recover the Sagittarius.

Thankfully, it was an incredibly uneventful recovery.

With the Blues' work done, Olimar dismissed them and rallied the Reds once more. There was going to be a fierce battle ahead, for the next ship part lay in the belly of the beast. Literally.

The ground beneath Olimar's feet appeared tranquil, but Olimar knew better than to trust it. Only a few meters below the ground, a nest of Burrowing Snagrets lay waiting for their next prey.

And right on cue, the first appeared.

Though the fight was grueling, and many pikmin were lost, Olimar emerged on top. Unfortunately, this Snagret wasn't the one that'd eaten the part.

After quickly fleeing (before the Snagret's family woke up), Olimar returned to his ship, and entered orbit. Another day closer to life support failure...

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