yeah i use dd/mm/yy go cry about it

11/11/22 21:47

i really want to keep up with neocities and all the cool sites, but i can't. and that sucks, you know? depression fucking sucks. i'm gonna try to get back into it after the gigaupdate but lol. anyway my adhd meds are coming soon which is cool.

08/10/22 13:25

hey im still alvie btw im just tired all the time

30/09/22 23:41

i am /gen unironically going insane from social deprivation

25/09/22 14:50

if someone took me to their bedroom i would probably just go to sleep

07/09/22 21:10

honestly the crustier and rougher around the edges a site's html is the better the content is and now im worried my html is too good

07/09/22 17:16

was gonna post something here but itd be splatoon 3 spoilers for some people so click here to see it instead. it's been revealed in official marketing but its spoilers for people going in completely blind

07/09/22 12:30

zoxie jumpscare on some of them btw

07/09/22 12:28

the whole thing that happened yesterday feels like its short blog worthy so im putting it here cause i need to stop using the profile page as exclusively shortform blog when this page is RIGHT HERE man (1) (2) (3) (4)

06/08/22 08:53

nintendo store is having a Moment and idk if my copy of splatoon 3 will ship so i just gotta hope

05/09/22 22:43

it stopped raining before i went to bed :( rain sounds are awesome

04/08/22 20:30

help me VLC has decided that every mp3′s attached art is the album art for panchiko deathmetal

28/08/22 22:30

i gamed too hard in cyber grind and literally damaged my muscles

28/08/22 00:06

in a breif moment of lucidity i am realising i should stop posting now good night

28/08/22 00:05

i dont even read this tbh so a note wont change anything

28/08/22 00:05

note to self donot forget to make a blog post about splatoon 3 tomorrow. like a long one not this shit

28/08/22 00:04

nobody even reads these bwl

28/08/22 00:03

old ass site

28/08/22 00:03

jake . neocities . org lol

28/08/22 00:01

i forgot what i was even gonna code

28/08/22 00:01

messed up the dates again fuck

28/08/22 00:00

just noticed how you can see the various names of this site in the titles ive never been assed to change. this is still ollys-house-on-the-net lmao that hasnt been the anme for like a YEAR

29/08/22 23:59

not gonna stop me tho

28/08/22 23:58

actually late night anything is a bad idea tbh. coding is all fucked up and needs to be fixed the next morning, talking is all fucked up and needs to be apologised for the next morning, it's all fucked

27/08/22 23:57

proving my point by misspelling the date of the last entry lol

27/07/22 23:57

late night coding is a BAD IDEA but i am going to DO IT ANYWAY

24/08/22 20:21

ultrakill is hard as FUCK but also super awesome

19/08/22 14:16

pedos be seething over ao3 maybe getting a semblance of a fucking moderation team

15/08/22 12:14

the creatures in my compost pit be praising creature jesus when i throw a melon rind in

12/08/22 19:51

every day i go without access to dreamsettler my beefbrain gets worse

12/08/22 18:57

i HATE my writings

12/08/22 14:28

i am melt ing

12/08/22 08:58

neocities actually reflect code updates challenge

11/08/22 21:00

its too hot to play beat saber :(

11/08/22 20:33

i wanna make a splatoon page for splat3 but i know i will just leave it half finished like the pikmin stuff :(

11/08/22 18:30

i would take 5 million gif tile background autoplay music pages over a single minimalist "page"

11/08/22 15:07

i think im being rate limited

11/08/22 14:57

i did it all for the woomy

11/08/22 12:44

god im gonna need to set so much up to play splat3 its not even funny

11/08/22 10:49

its kinda fucked how neocities allows crazy conspiracy theory antivaxx stuff on here, but i guess it wouldn't be a geocities revival without an area51 revival :p

11/08/22 10:34

tbh if i continue the pikmin playthrough it'd be in a dramatized form i cant keep picking screenshots

11/08/22 07:38


10/08/22 19:37

man what kind of aesthetic am i supposed to go for in the writing section. i have no idea and until i have an idea i cant get started.

10/08/22 18:24

re: 10/08/22 13:06-13:07

i miss them

10/08/22 15:03

i hate coding but at least the index looks nice now

10/08/22 13:57

finally, it is done

10/08/22 13:07

ok that ones probably funnier with the actual meme behind it

10/08/22 13:07



10/08/22 13:06

everyone i knew from last year is gone. :(

10/08/22 11:48

no but actually this time im gonna update the site

10/08/22 11:46

this time for sure guys this time for sure im gonna update the site

21/03/22 23:48

might see if i can bang out day 11 tomorrow, it's been so long since i played i can barely remember but i had everything except the html ready to go and i can rewatch the main vid to see if i can piece shit together i guess.

21/03/22 17:23

all my images are broken fml. gonna at least go through and fix that, otherwise i'd go from shitty to godawful webmaster

21/03/22 17:19

14/12/21 23:21

so i was being a bitch by quitting im gonna start updating again whenever i get off my ass and finish some more pages

28/11/21 21:09

i like the stone ocean op because it is jojo and i like jojo


the fact nobody told me that the most recent page was fucked for over a week pretty much proves literally nobody actually reads this shit, so uh yeah. not gonna be updating anymore.

26/11/21 22:57

no promises on ANYTHING else, but so help me god there will be at least one new page on monday

26/11/21 18:49

i love the recording, i love the screencapping, and i love the writing, but oh my god picking out screencaps for the writing is gonna actually kill me. i'm finally done with the first chunk of screencaps (half of the final batch) and i am NOT looking forward to the next chunk. ah well, for now it's finally time to write.

26/11/21 16:55

my adhd assessment came back, guess who just unlocked a new mental illness (it is me)

24/11/21 22:09

"daily updates". fml i feel like such a jackass for skimping out on updates but also i literally cannot do this faster. :pensive:

21/11/21 19:13

i'd say i've learned to stop giving dates for things to be ready when they very clearly won't be ready by then but i really haven't learned my lesson at all and will probably do it again in like a week

21/11/21 01:08

me rn

20/11/21 22:04

my day be so fine then BOOM inexplicable wave of melancholy and dread

20/11/21 15:42

if vlc didnt have a screenshot hotkey i would probably have died by now

19/11/21 22:34

pikmin 1 recording is a wrap, gonna try and clean the footage up this weekend and then we should be all good to go

17/11/21 19:12

dude i am literally so good at salmon run you wouldnt even believe how good i am fr i went all the way to profreshional 100 on my first day back on the grind

17/11/21 18:35

salmon run goes so hard

17/11/21 12:43

I'm sorry about not updating this site for a SOLID couple of days, promise day 9 is coming today or your money back

15/11/21 19:41

did the joy cons always suck this much

15/11/21 11:25

i hate it here i have not had more than 3 hours of uninterrupted sleep for 5 days

14/11/21 15:49

gonna need to spend a fair bit of money dollars bills to get it really working though :(

14/11/21 15:45

spent most of today working on bringing my old switch back to life, and god. for all it's flaws, and despite being just an objectively terribly designed piece of hardware made by an absolutely nasty company, i still love it.

14/11/21 10:26

man i probably shouldnt have walked 10k steps yesterday

13/11/21 22:16

been thinking about learning toki pona do u guys think i should do that

13/11/21 20:27

just read up on this, i know i don't have any reach at all but man this is fucked.

13/11/21 20:10

yoda obama be like: clear, let me be

13/11/21 14:43

would like to amend my previous post. i have been walking for 3 hours and now feel like im about to die. 10k steps. post coming soon

13/11/21 11:18

woo i dont feel like i'm on death's door today shoutouts to sleep this blog post is sponsored by sleep

12/11/21 18:59

got a microwave cake and its literally just silicon

12/11/21 16:11

shoutouts to showers. cold shower has got me less corpsey, and this new sulphate free shampoo goes hard

12/11/21 13:32

i ran out of caffeine

12/11/21 13:28

caffeine is the only thing keeping me alive rn

12/11/21 10:42

as if to prove my point about crossovers, they're adding naruto to fortnite. pain

12/11/21 04:51

sorry for the last post. i am still incredibly tired though.

12/11/21 04:43

god hates me

11/11/21 23:55

I am so tired

11/11/21 23:23

dude I am so mad. they banned blazinter from siiva comments.

11/11/21 23:14

OOPS i mean i wanna be tracer (no mercy is the real name)

11/11/21 23:13

they need to update the i wanna be mercy song cuz they renamed the cowboy

11/11/21 22:56

screw it this is a sea of thieves rant used to be so good! it was just a pirate game! there was 2 figureheads that were references (like if reference) to two of rare's other games, but it didn't clash with things and it was just a charming little thing. but then they added the pirate emporium with fun microtransactions, assimiliated every goddamn series microsoft could afford into the emporium, and added FOMO battle pass bullhockey.

Playing SOT in 2019:
"Hey, do you see that?"
"What is it?"
"dude, there's a pirate legend brig tailing us."
"uh oh"

Playing SOT in 2021:
"Hey, do you see that?"
"What do you see? I can't see past my Black And White Cat from the Pirate Emporium."
"dude, there's a galleon featuring the entire Master Chief™ from the Halo© Franchise ship set tailing us."
"Don't worry about it, we can just go into the Pirates Of The Carribean™ Immersive Experience located at all outposts! It may cost us a few Plunder Pass™ levels, but at least we'll be safely able to sell our Captain Jack Sparrow's™ Cutlass."

11/11/21 22:49

some of my statuses:

"I don't know my way around, but if I follow every sound, a New Way Out is soon surrounding me!"
"Nana korobi ya oki-i-i! Ro-ma wa ichinichi ni shite narazu, baby!"
"There's a ghost in my home, but it's better than being alone."
"Please take me at my word, never meant to break into your house. I never realised just how bad it would be for my clout."
"I don't believe in dinosaurs, but I know ghosts are real."
"Can gupi turn the snare up one more level?"

11/11/21 22:45

me working on the site: zzzzzz
me thinking of new song lyrics to set my status to: cant think of anything to put here but you get what im saying

11/11/21 22:28

i blame the avengers. they were like "hey remember those heroes you like? we put 5 of them in a blender so now you'll like it 5 times as much" and people DID

11/11/21 22:23

its just like "hey remember that thing you like! this is that thing!!! so now you like our thing!!!!!!

11/11/21 22:17

they should stop doing crossovers. too many. i remember when if you wanted to see your favourite characters interact you either played smash bros, read fanfiction, or wrote some fanfic or your own. the fortnite effect and all this metaverse crap and just all of it is bad. don't like it. things can stand by themselves. i dont want pickle richard in my period piece about 1800s scotland.

11/11/21 21:32

remember when the suez canal was blocked that was fun

11/11/21 20:46

do you guys believe in the cryptid known as "barack obama"

11/11/21 18:07

im always either listening to super chill stuff or geccing out while cutting down the gameplay footage for the site with zero middle ground. like maybe im listening to browser history - graham kartna or maybe im listening to WE COULD GO ANYWHERE - 100 GECS but i promise you i would never be listening to anything inbetween

11/11/21 16:52

i am more confused than when i knew nothing

11/11/21 16:32

im watching ena still confused

11/11/21 16:26

what the hell is an ena

11/11/21 16:06

i have been informed they make menthol from peppermint

11/11/21 16:04

everyone be talking about peppermint vs spearmint but nobody acknowledges the old god MENTHOL

11/11/21 14:36

watched truman show again yesterday. great movie. love that movie.

11/11/21 14:15

website's views tank when im not constantly updating :( this says alot about our sciety

11/11/21 00:00

if i was president i would reverse the 2011 party rocking ban. i think it's time for the world to start healing.

10/11/21 23:53 this kinda sounds like theyre saying barack barack and then the high pitched bits sound like obama

10/11/21 23:38

mfs be putting [content warning] on their stuff then refusing to elaborate. like yeah i would hope that this video essay has content!!!!

08/11/21 14:45

decided to rename the site. sorry. have finished recording for day 4, am currently taking the pictures to start working on the post.

07/11/21 16:06

the internet is like a million billion houses and shops and all sorts built on top of each other.

all starting at the very first page.

and sometimes you can go internet spelunking and find relics.

like on (big pokemon fansite, hasnt been redesigned since 2004):
officially the irc chat shut down in 2017-18.

but serebii doesn't delete anything (barely), and the chat link was built into the site for a solid 15 years.

so a LOT of old pages still have links to the chat entryway (which is now defunct) and the chat entryway has a link to a backup entryway (which is still active)

it's like if you were walking around the city, and you trip through a door in a back alley

straight into a maintenance entrance to a MASSIVE mall

this place was bustling with life at one point, it was made to be filled with people!

and yet it's just been sitting here



i tried opening the backup recording to get pictures and like i knew it was bad but holy shit it turned off my monitor and made my music start blaring from my speakers and froze my mouse what the FUCK

07/11/21 08:35

i showed my site to my friends because i think it's now ready to actually be looked at. all of them said it was great and they loved it, but none of them actually went past the index page. i specifically said if they didn't like it then that's also cool, and they still just gave hollow platitudes. and for what? its similar to the "follow out of courtesy" kinda thing i've definitely noticed, where people follow back just because someone followed.
shoutouts to wally tho, if nobody got me i know wally's world from got me.


shoutouts to the 1(? if im lucky) person who reads my site

06/11/21 10:55

man i need to get bigger storage space

06/11/21 10:55

got done with days 2 and 3 of pikmin, emulator decided to wig out and go windowed mode about halfway through day 3 and the frame dumper wasn't working so i'm gonna have to use the shitty OBS recording. yay.

06/11/21 09:27

just read about the deaths at astroworld. what the fuck.

06/11/21 08:40

gonna try dolphin's framedump feature as i haven't been able to get obs to work (will still be using obs as a backup to 100% make sure i have something. shoutouts again to lief btw for helping me with guestbooks, you should go check out their site if that's your kinda scene

05/11/21 16:36

decided to add times to blog posts. fascists and other scumfucks like bigots and such can still get fucked lmao. no particular reason for me saying that just wanted to. also i fixed the pictures

05/11/21 3


05/11/21 2

got the first day of the pikmin playthrough up, sucks about OBS sucking but what can you do.


saw a couple unabashed fascist websites while browsing earlier, guess that's just how it is on the net but still fuck fascists lmao.


decided to make this site a pikmin fansite, which is "poggers". also decided to go back to working on my personal zone after working on other stuff for a couple days. big fan of web making. very fun.